Is “Health is real wealth” in COVID-19?

Updated: May 20, 2020

We all have grown up listening the phrase “Health is Wealth”

But, But, But!!!!!

Just think again, now do we really remember this? Well! The answer is a Big NO. Ask yourself why? And the answer is “Lifestyle”. We have adopted the lifestyle in which we love enjoying, partying, outing, hanging out with friends etc etc, even we all love doing this so, rather I would say we should do it to balance our corporate, personal & professional stress.

But our health should be our priority. Importance of word ‘Balance’ should be applied appropriately in every aspect. Likewise to balance the Lifestyle and Health is equally important. So, let’s use this once in a lifetime opportunity to take care of our health, to adopt the healthy lifestyle & truly understand the importance of “Health is Wealth”

Here we go to find few things which will help us & our family to stay fit and healthy at home during these days of confinement:

§ Stick on a routine: It is always seen that going off from a routine is very easy when you are at home and this results in laziness and unhealthy mind. So, sticking up on a routine will help to be productive, better health, sleep & less stress during these days as well.

§ Being Physically Active & Working out regularly: Working out is important to stay fit and physically strong. It is not mandatory to go gym only to work out. We can adopt the home work routine. It’s important to make a plan and figure out the best time & place to exercise.

So just get up! make your workout routine with few of the suggestions given below:

1: Start warming up for 10 mins at least to increase the blood flow to your muscles & reducing the risk of injury.

2: Some Stretching

3. Include Jump Rope/Skipping.

4: Squats

5: Push-ups

6: Lunges

7: Running

8. Crunches

These are few of the exercises which we can be done easily at home.

§ Eating Healthy to boost immune system: Immune system consists of cells, proteins, tissues & organs. All these together carry out the process and fights with the Pathogens. Now what pathogens are? Basically, they are viruses, bacteria & foreign bodies that cause diseases & infections.

Now the question is what food boost the immune system?

Intake of Vitamin B, C, D, E, Iron, Zinc can really boost up the immune system. Below is the list of food which contains necessary vitamins and minerals to boost immune.

Sweet Potato Spinach Ginger

Garlic Red Bell Pepper Blueberries

Turmeric Sweet Potatoes Broccoli

Almonds Oranges Kiwi

Pomegranate Guavas Apricots

Peaches Sunflower seeds Bananas

We can easily make tasty smoothies with fruits & nuts and some detox drinks in spite of having cold drinks and other juice to boost our immune system.

§ Focusing on Mental Health: Mental health is the combination of social well-being, psychology, emotions and much more. It directly affects how we act, how we react, what we think and what we are doing. If our mental health is not that great we’ll not be able to handle stress.

Here is the list of few things which we can do to boost our mental health:

- Starting the day with your favourite drink.

- Find out the things in which you are good at to stay positive.

- Do workout, Yoga, meditation.

- Eat healthy & your favourite meal.

- Do something productive for yourself

During this pandemic and worldwide lockdown, what we can take control of is our health & lifestyle. So, this is the right time when we can start adopting the healthy well-being and can actually understand the importance of “Health is Wealth”


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