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WOW Coconut Milk & Argan Oil (Medium Hydration) Body Lotion” Review

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Here are my another blog from my favorite brand “Wow – Skin Science” products & today I am going to review one of the body lotion range from WOW which is “ Coconut Milk & Argan Oil (Medium Hydration) Body Lotion”

Source: 'WOW' official website

Wow skin science coconut milk & Argan Oil, a premium moisturizer that is best suited for normal skin type. It comes with a non – greasy texture with long-lasting hydration power. Let’s find out the details below:

Who can use

Anyone can use this lotion

Preferable skin type

This body lotion is Premium Moderate Level Moisturiser which is Best Suited for “Normal Skin”

Key Ingredients

Coconut Milk Extract – Helps in nurturing skin

Argan Oil – Removes dryness & restore skin health without clogging pores

Argan & Almond Oils, Shea & Cocoa – Moisturise skin

D Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5) & Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) – Heals with anti-aging qualities

Hyaluronic Acid – An anti-aging hydrator which hold 1000 times its weight in water to help the skin plump

What are the benefits of WOW Coconut Milk & Argan Oil Body Lotion

- Helps to moisturize, hydrate & repair damaged skin.

- Soothe Inflammation for smoother skin

- The non-greasy formulation helps to balance the moisture of your skin

- Regular use enhances the skin tone as well

- Its fragrance stays for at least 4-5 hours and moisture stays for at least 7-8 hours which is commendable as compared to other lotions that I have tried on my own.

How to use:

- Apply lotion after bath for best results.

- Gently press the bottle pump and take a coin-sized amount in your palm & apply into the skin.

- Massage gently with your fingertips.

- Be more liberal with the amount used for extra dry areas

Tips To Remember

- Always apply lotion just after the bath or shower to get the lotion to absorb deeply into your skin

- Before applying lotion, take it in the palm and rub to warm for easy application

- Dab the lotion all over the body & massage gently

- Applying lotion becomes mandatory after your bath if you have used body scrub.

Packaging, Consistency & Price

- Comes in a pump bottle which becomes handy and easy to use

- Comes with a non- Greasy texture & white cream consistency

- Rs 399 for 300 ml

Personal Rating: 4/5


1. Is Wow Coconut Milk & Argan Oil (Medium Hydration) Body Lotion is good?

Yes, I have been using this body lotion from past 1 month now, after getting the amazing results only, thought to share my honest reviews with you all. It works amazingly on your dry skin.

2. Is this body lotion is for oily skin?

Actually this lotion gives the best results on normal skin but goes well with all the skin types.

3. Is WOW body lotion is available only in Coconut Milk variant?

No, Wow is having 2 other variants of Body Lotion. One is ALOE VERA DAILY BODY LOTION, and the other is SHEA & COCOA BUTTER MOISTURIZING LOTION.

4. From where WOW body lotion can be purchased?

For your convenience, sharing the direct link to purchase the body lotion.

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