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"Tips & Importance of Meditation" for beginners!

In the era of this hardcore competition, struggles, we all are messed up in our own ways. We are actually so much dedicated towards the race of being ‘successful’ as if we are born to impress others not ourselves. With this, we are inviting the friendship of mental pressure and stress, Right???? Not only this, but we all are also being so loyal towards this friendship ignoring the fact that this stress can kill our mental health.

By the time we were struggling with our day to day lives, personal, professional, societal & peer pressure. Then Guess What!!!!!!!!! Here comes the entry of the Bestest friends of mental pressure & stress named “Lockdown” & “Quarantine”. They both are here these days to pay a visit to their friends. Oops!! You must be thinking why I am being so sarcastic today. Well!! I just want to convey they are as bad as mental pressure & stress if we will not utilizing their presence well.

During this period when the whole country is in lockdown and stuck within the walls of our homes, this stress is creating a big block in our mind. We can’t roam around, play outside, and enjoy doing the party even we can’t go to our office. Work from home is the new trend that every corporate is adopting.

Now we have to be more focused and careful towards our health & to build immunity. For that, please refer my previous blog on how we can build immunity Click Here

In this blog, I want to focus more on one of the utmost important factor which helps to the strengthening of our mind & the power of thinking which is “Meditation”

We all need food to live & to provide strength to our body likewise ‘Meditation’ works as a healthy food for our mind & body. So why not utilize this time for our own betterment. Everyone in this generation is looking for physical health, gym, and all, that’s good but have you ever given a thought about your mental health. That’s where meditation comes in.

Meditation is all about engaging your body with the mind. Most of us are suffering from major anger & anxiety issues and meditation for 'anxiety issues' is very useful. Let me share with you something, someone told me quite long before about the connection of breathing and emotions which means, different emotions have different kind of breath types like

When we're angry we are breathing comparatively faster,

When we are relaxed we are taking deep breaths.

So, there’s a simple logic which you have to understand first, our breathing styles change with different emotions, that's why everyone asked to take a deep breath whenever you are angry. There are many benefits of meditation like:

1) Improving the immune system.

2) Emotional stability.

3) Lowering the risk of heart disease.

4) Improves concentration.

5) Reducing stress.

6) It can cure many diseases.

I know after reading this few questions must be juggling in your thoughts like:

“Where I can do this”?

“When I can do this”?

“How I can do this”?

“For how long I can do it”?

Hey, Stop!!!! See, again you’ve started taking stress, remember what I’ve told you earlier not to take the stress and put pressure but you have started doing it again. So get up now and follow the steps to start meditation right away. I am answering all of your questions related to "Meditation for beginners" and to practice "Mindfulness Meditation".

“Find a vacant room or place, where there is no disturbance to do meditation at home.

“It can be anytime but preferably early morning”

And now “How to do it”

- Lie down or sit in a comfortable position

- Close your eyes

- Breathe naturally and slowly without putting any extra efforts.

- And just focus on your breath and how the body moves when you inhale or exhale.

- Do this for at least 3-4 minute initially, eventually increase the duration

If you are a beginner, simply focus these steps, slowly & steadily this will give you the strength to go ahead.

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