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Self-Motivation – A Weapon to Success

Updated: May 20, 2020

OHH God! Why always this happens with me only, why me? Am I not intelligent, Am I not a good learner.

You must be wondering why I am saying these. Most of us always end up saying these if we fail to do something. We always target ourselves, start questioning our skills and abilities, start losing confidence, and take the path of demotivation.

So my question for you all is “if a small bird fails to fly to in her first attempt should she jump from that tree where she was trying to fly out of frustration and end her life or she should try again and again with the hope that one day she will be able to fly high & see this beautiful world with eyes full of glory and pride………..”

I know everybody will say ‘she should try till the time she gets success’.

Then why not WE????

Are we not able to implicate this thought process in our lives? Why do we crib a lot and starts blame game with our failure, raising questions on our own abilities will not take us anywhere but Failure!

There is a great saying which inspires me always:

“Most great people have achieved their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure “ - Napoleon Hill

The body only stops working when a heart stops beating. Likewise, the hope of success will only die when we’ll stop trying. In today’s era when everybody will laugh at your failure, you are the one who can turn their laughter into a smile with your positivity and good vibes. Let people grill you to make you shine like gold. There are many type of personalities in this world some will make fun of your defeat, some will motivate you, many will show sympathy & few will feel empathy. But the person who can truly understand your pain is ‘you’.

Did you ever hear the word called “Self-Motivation”?

“Actually this is not just a word, this is a weapon”. A weapon that can change the meaning of your life. You will get many suggestions and advice from everywhere. Unless or until you will not hear your inner voice everything is vain. Sometimes it happens because of getting back to back failure in our early days of struggle we tend to forget our actual power and strength we’ve got during the time. I’ve recalled one story related to this, I believe most of us have been heard this once in our lifetime.

In a camp, an elephant was not kept in a cage or tied with a chain but with a small piece of rope. Surprisingly, a man asked the trainer why this elephant is tied with a small piece of rope only but not with a chain or in a cage. Even the elephant can use his strength to break the rope and escape the camp. He could easily have done so, but instead, he is not trying it at all. Trainer answered:

“When he was very young and much smaller we used the same size rope to tie him and at that age, it’s enough to hold him. As he grows up, he is conditioned to believe he cannot break away. He believes the rope can still hold him, so he never tries to break free”.

Likewise, we also forgot our strength and capabilities because of some early day’s failure. But this is the right time to restore the power and utilize those skills to do some productive and choose the path of success.

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“Failing is not falling but a beautiful way to innovation and improvement”

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