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Powerful Benefits of Herbs & Spices

Herbs & Spices are not only to add taste & aroma in different cuisines but they are having many other powerful health benefits.

So here are the few herbs & spices which we use on a daily basis but unaware of health benefits:


One of the very common spices which we will find in every kitchen throughout the world. It is not only delicious but has many properties to make it more powerful in medical properties as well. Cinnamon is basically made from the inner bark of the Cinnamomum tree.

There are two types of Cinnamon:

- Ceylon Cinnamon

- Cassia Cinnamon

Benefits of Cinnamon:

  • Cinnamon is full of medical properties & can be used to make medicines.

  • Cinnamon is full of antioxidants such as polyphenols. It can be used as natural food preservatives as well.

  • Cinnamon helps to lower down the risk of heart disease.

  • Cinnamon helps to improve the blood sugar level.

  • Cinnamon works as a fighter for bacterial & anti-fungal infections

  • Cinnamon helps to protect against HIV

  • Cinnamon helps to treat chronic wounds.


It is also a common spice we use since ages that belong to the mint family. Its aroma & flavor is very strong that is why everyone recommends using small amount only.

Benefits of Sage:

  • Sage is full of nutrients

· Calories

· Proteins

· Calcium

· Vitamin B6

· Iron

· Fat

· Vitamin K

  • Sage is full of antioxidants

  • It supports Oral health also

  • Traditionally it is used to control the symptoms of menopause.

  • It helps to reduce the sugar level of blood

  • Helps to boost the brain health & memory

  • Lower down the bad cholesterol level

  • Can be easily add in your diet plan


It always has been considered a natural diet supplement. Because it provides many proven benefits to our body & health.

Benefits of turmeric:

  • Turmeric is helpful in making ayurvedic & many other types of medicines

  • It has natural anti-inflammatory compounds

  • It increases the antioxidant capacity of the body

  • Improves the brain function & lowers the risk of brain disease

  • Lower down the risk of heart disease.

  • Helps the body to prevent cancer

  • Helps to delay aging


Fenugreek comes from a herb family-like soy. It can be used in many ways like dried seeds, leaves, fenugreek roots that can be used as spices and for fragrance. It has a number of health benefits.

Benefits of Fenugreek:

  • It helps in constipation problems, gastritis.

  • Improves breast milk production and flow.

  • Helps in high blood pressure.

  • Helps in migraine & headaches.

  • Consumption is beneficial in menopause

  • Improves weight loss

  • Reduce inflammation


It is basically a root having many health benefits which also brings the flavor to your dishes. It is from the family of turmeric which is also a powerful ingredient.

Benefits of Ginger:

  • It helps to boost the immune system.

  • It reduces the risk of diabetes.

  • It helps to give relief from period pain.

  • It is an anti-inflammatory.

  • Helps to get recover from an upset stomach.

  • It helps to reduce weight.

  • It helps to prevent heart disease.

  • Ginger reduces the symptoms of morning sickness.


This is majorly used as a flavoring agent in cooking. But having many advantages for health & body. It is used to prevent many diseases & health conditions.

Benefits of Garlic:

  • Helpful to reduce the risk of brain cancer & lung cancer.

  • A very powerful antibiotic.

  • Helpful in high cholesterol & high blood pressure cases.

  • It combats cold and sickness.

  • It helps to detoxify heavy metals in the body.

  • It improves bone health.


It is a herb that belongs to the mint family. It is majorly used as a flavoring agent in Italian cuisine. Also used in diet as a supplement & aromatic oil.

Benefits of Oregano:

  • It has anti-bacterial properties

  • It has anti-inflammatory properties.

  • It helps to manage the diabetics

  • It helps in the treatment of depression.

  • Helpful in coughs, asthma, allergies, menstrual cramps, dandruff, acne, wounds, etc.


Rosemary is a fragrant herb that is not only known for its taste & smell but for many other health & benefits.

Benefits of Rosemary:

  • Improves blood circulation.

  • It helps to improve memory.

  • Its aroma helps to improve mood & make body energize.

  • Its nutrients help to protect the skin cell from damage.

  • It's helpful for bacterial infection.

  • It helps to promote hair growth.

  • It is used for digestion problems as well.

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