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Dream Turning Into A Passion

What exactly we understand about Dream or Passion. Is either the term are the same or they are different. We often tend to believe that dream is something which we adore, we love and we like. But forgot to think other way around. Why dream can’t be something we think for the long term.

We dream because we like it then why we can’t go ahead with this liking and turning it into a passion.

This topic is debatable because one person's dream can be a normal desire but for another person, a dream is something which they want to turn into a passion. So what can be concluded with this statement "Dream & Passion is the same" OR "What Comes First, A Dream or A Passion". Again this becomes debatable. To make it easy let’s talk about one thing at a time.

"Dream”: A succession of images, thoughts, emotions, ideas, sensation which occurs whiles us sleeping. "Passion”: A strong enthusiasm & desire to achieve anything.

Now let’s analyse by taking different sets of statement

We can’t have passion without a dream!

Well! This is something most of us will not agree with. Because it is not necessary if we are not dreaming of something we can’t have passion. Being passionate about something one just needs a click and to realize what they are good at.

To make it more clear let me share my experience with you. “I have never dreamt of writing blogs, having my own website, and a blogging page. But one instance made me write a page & from that point it generates passion to make my blogging successful. This shows dream is not necessary to be passionate.

We can’t dream without having any passion!

So, yes! Somehow I do agree with this but not fully. Because when we are passionate about something we dream to be successful and to do well. On the other hand, dream is also a desire which revolves around in your unconscious mind but we are not passionate about. For example I dream to meet my favorite actor/actress but not passionate about it.

Discovering likes is a passion or dreaming the things is a passion!

“I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious” – Albert Einstein

Don’t you think this statement from Albert Einstein giving the answer to this question? Realising passion is something exceptional. And when we do we become more powerful and strong in terms of our thoughts. Then our dream starts turning into passion. Manifesting our skills is the utmost important and the most crucial part of one’s life.

Following a passion means many things like if somebody wants to change his/her career, starting own business, climbing mountains, starting a YouTube channel, becoming a blogger, becoming an artist, and many more. To achieve the desired goals it requires a sense of responsibility and dedication. Without proper planning and strategy it becomes difficult to focus on a goal.

“You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.” – Steve Jobs

Most of us know what they are good at . I have seen many people who love blogging and creating content, making videos, love cooking, and want to make their own channel but because of societal pressure they leave the thought to live the dream. They fear what others will say. Fear of others sayings, fear of getting mocked, and fear of what if they will not be able to succeed. There are some or other fear in mind which stops a person to pursue his/her dream. To overcome this one just requires the spark of Passion; if they are able to make themselves passionate about their likings then no one can stop them.

Most Important factor to achieve the goal is :

Dare to Dream – Once you are able to realize your passion for something, start dreaming without any fear. Make strategy, do planning, and work out on your goal.

We all have studied the S.M.A.R.T rule when it comes to planning & strategies to achieve the desired goal:

S - Specific

Be specific about what exactly you want, why you want, and how you will get it. There should not be any question in your mind without its answer.

M - Measurable

Divide your long term plan into short term goals, so that you can measure and keep a check upon the short term achievement.

A - Achievable

Objectives should those which you can achieve. It should not be unrealistic but should be attainable.

R - Realistic

It refers to timings & resources. One should be particular that they can visualize with the plan of what they want to achieve

T - Timely

Specify the duration and give a time limit to yourself for the target achievement. And do not think a goal can be achieved overnight.

The most important thing which everyone forgets is to enjoy your struggle period. Don’t panic, do not stress just the enjoy the moment to cherish your success.

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